Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You Can Call Me "The Heber Creeper"

Well folks, it's that time again. It's the time where I try to repent of my blogging ways and make up for it by blessing all you beautiful people out in the blogosphere with an update of my glamourous life. Big changes have happened and you're about to hear about them all. I've started a new job and moved up to Kamas (saaay whaaat?), and last but not least, I have a boyfriend (kinda).

Once I graduated from UVU I decided it was time to find "Full-Time Employment." My previous job at Bowen, Collins & Associates was great and had awesome perks. Unfortuantely, it was only part-time and I wasn't making hardly enough money, greedy I know. After returning from my trip to Alaska the hunt was on. I was applying to all sorts of things, and I desperately wanted something within my field of study. I interviewed for a few jobs some that were social work related, some that weren't. After a few weeks of looking and not finding anything that would work, I found a job advertisement for a full-time receptionist at an engineering firm in Heber, basically the exact thing I was doing already but for more money. On a whim, I applied. I interviewed the next week and they offered me the job the day after my interview.

After some back and forth I decided to accept the position. Sure, it wasn't exactly what I wanted but it fulfilled my needs and it's doing something I know and like. The past month I've been working my tail off and learning all sorts of new things. Learning has been exciting and fun. However, there have been some stressful days that I've been given things that are way beyond my skill set but I've been able to "git 'r done." And on the days that are especially hard I just look up and see this:

Yes, I work in an office full of country boys and there's an giant elk's head hanging right by my desk. and it makes me smile.

Because I'm working up in Heber I had to re-evaluate my living arrangements. Driving an hour and up Parley's Canyon for a commute was not an appealing idea. Thankfully, my sister's mother in law lives in a small community about 20 minutes out of Heber in a house that is far too big for just her. She has graciously let me move in until I can find roommates or something I can afford in Heber.

Not only am I living with Judy, but I'm living with her three geriatric yellow labs. It's been interesting to say the least.

Now for the big news. I, Bethany M. Dannelly, have a man in my life. Sure, this doesn't seem like that big of a deal, most 22 year old girls do have boyfriends, but for me it is. I've dated some and I've had guys in my life, but never in quite this capacity. Before it's always been friendship with blurred boundaries, but this time it's a legit dating relationship. No, we're not FBO and that's ok, neither of us are seeing anyone else and it's definitely headed in the direction.*knock on wood*

I'm not saying I'm smitten or in love with him or anything like that, but I am saying I do like him and hanging out with him even if I only see him on the weekends. For the past two months we've gone on dates, watched countless hours of Top Gear (his favorite) and of course played a bit of Forza.

I'm not very good and it drives him up the wall. Hysterical.

All in all, life is pretty dang good. Even if I'm freezing my rear end off in Heber and have to put up with a goofy dude who pulls faces in every picture solely to drive others insane.


  1. love the update!! :) Glad you are doing well.. now just blog more often woman!

  2. awww! you have grown up. finally!