Thursday, March 7, 2013

Holy Birthdays, Batman!

If I was a nice sister/granddaughter/aunt I would do a birthday post for each member of my family that has a birthday in the month of March, but let's be honest, that's not going to happen. So instead there's gonna be one GIANT post for all of them. Shall we begin?

March 4th - Beckett
This little guy is the latest addition to the Dannelly Family, he made his arrival this Monday is the youngest of four. Lucky for him he has three big sisters. Good luck with the dress-ups and Barbies, little guy! We're happy to have you!

March 5th - Allison
This little girl just turned 4! She is one of Beckett's big sisters and is one of the spunkiest kids you'll ever meet. Prior her to her brother's birth she told her mom that they should name him Ryder Booty. It's a great name if you ask me. Happy Birthday Alli!

March 7th - Adam
My big brother Adam turns 29 today, as a big brother he has always taken his job of tormenting me very seriously. Despite his love for giving me grief he still remains a great brother. He's also a wonderful dad to two adorable kids. Happy Birthday Adam, enjoy your last year as a man in your 20's!

March 10th - Grandpa Dannelly
This my Grandpa Dannelly, aka Morris. Some of my best memories I have are with my grandpa. When I was little, probably about 4 or 5, my parents went on a trip so my grandpa came out to stay and take care of me. Nearly every morning we would wake up, go to the donut shop where he would get his coffee and I would get to choose whichever sprinkled donut my little heart desired. My parents maintain that I didn't want anything to do with grandpa after that visit, but things have changed since then. My grandpa has always been one of the most entertaining men I know... A few years ago some friends and I went to St. George and while we were there we stopped to visit. Grandpa kept them laughing with his antics, and I think that those friends know exactly where I get my personality from. Happy 83rd Birthday, Grandpa!

March 16th - Tracey
Tracey is my oldest sister, and probably the sibling I look the most like. Tracey and I are 11 years apart, but we've been close for as long as I can remember. Tracey is extremely talented, she owns here own photography business, is an awesome cook, plays the piano beautifully, can craft the pants off of anyone and she makes adorable babies. Happy Birthday, Tracey. Maybe someday soon I'll come visit you in Texas!

March 26th - Dannelly aka Elly
This is my sweet niece Elly, she belongs to my sister Tracey and she will be celebrating her first birthday this month! She's a sweet little thing with lots of personality and a raspy little voice. Happy Birthday Sweet Elly Lynn!

As you can see, my family LOVES March birthdays, and I love my family! Happy Birthday to all of you and let's see if we can have babies in a month other than March.

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